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                                               Ohel Moshe Virtual Shmoozing

03/17/2020 02:22:30 PM


Original anecdotes, thoughts, & observations from the Ohel Moshe family as we stay virtually connected!

This page is for sharing, inspirations, experiences, & ideas from our membership to keep each other positive, hopeful,...Read more...

The Joy of Being Dead Wrong

07/22/2020 09:23:32 PM


Bernard Fellner

B"H I've actually been doing a lot better than just Shlepping my way through the saga of the virus. But I have an "excuse," namely that--in contrast to my grandfathers who didn't live to see me, I get to see my grandchildren just about every day--I've got a world-class support system. Still, kind people will occasionally engage me to ask what's the biggest challenge, and I would respond that the most challenging aspect of old age,...Read more...

Gam zu l’tovah: This too is for the good!

04/21/2020 03:30:54 PM


Adam Rubin

Three simple words. “Gam zu l’tovah.” This too is for the good. A phrase that was always on the lips of one of our great sages, Nachum Ish Gamzu, as related in the Talmud (Taanis 21a). I’ve been trying to use it more often, especially during this most unusual time. It’s been a fast and potent tool to help me reframe a “right now” challenge that is screaming, crying, whining, or kicking in front of...Read more...

The Next Future Shock

04/06/2020 07:27:16 PM


Bernard Feller

Rather than looking back, I've decided it's time to look forward.  I think I've just read too much about how Covid-19 was not just predictable but actually predicted by assorted futurists. We should have a national contest or registry to contain our best thoughts on what the next "unexpectable" crisis will be.  The guideline is that it can't be anything that has happened before, because that would make it predictable.  So that...Read more...


03/27/2020 11:31:46 AM


Ben Weiskind


It all seems to make sense... I have learned in the past that when it’s time for Moshiach, it will be nearly impossible for Klal Yisroel to have emunah... I always wondered how that would be possible... now I’m beginning to see it in that the momentary assurances and assumptions of life seem to be disappearing...

What if... the test is now?

When all of the comforts of life are taken back by the Maker of...Read more...

This gave me so much chizuk!!

03/20/2020 04:21:28 PM


Elaine Bodenheimer

I heard that this is from Rav Shalom Rosner.
My friend said it calmed her husband down so,much that she is having it framed!!

03/19/2020 08:19:57 PM


Jeff Wolfish

I daven that we can clearly see how HKB”H does everything for the good so we can sing “corona zachor latov “!!! 

03/19/2020 01:25:52 PM


Bernard Feller

Even though I am pretty much an "always-Trumper," I sometimes think that he, like the rest of us, is still working on improving his Middos.  Accordingly, perhaps we can see this Coronavirus plague as a "MAGA-foh" which is helping the President play better with others in the sandbox.

Even though I haven't been in the stock market for a number of decades, I still am saddened on behalf of those who are in deep, especially those who...Read more...

How I spent my COVID vacation

03/19/2020 01:18:50 PM


Menashe Efron

I have taken the opportunity to set up a daily online learning with my grandchildren. This is for age 12 and down. We are reviewing the hagadda and I am sharing what is meaningful to me, and asking them what they remember/like about past seders. At 10:40 and 3:00, we sign in to a 15 minute lessons. We sing, we answer questions (like: do you prefer square matzo or round?) and I share a bit of information. Everyone is supposed to bring a haggada...Read more...

I Daven with a Minyan Three Times a Day

03/18/2020 11:55:05 AM


Gershon Bandos

When I became frum in Madison, WI, a minyan three times a day was a fairy tale. Chabad tried here and there, like Sunday, Monday, and Thursday mornings. They also dragged out Shabbos kiddush as long as possible to be able to daven minchah before going home for seudah.

I remember one time the Chabad rabbi on campus asked me about a minyan, and I declined, and he said, "It's ok. I realize you don't yet recognize the importance of...Read more...

03/16/2020 07:31:01 PM


Ben Weiskind

I take solace in knowing that while unfortunately every shul is empty of people at the moment, there is still a ner tamid in each shul hanging over the Aron casting light over the Torah.

03/15/2020 04:21:53 PM


Adam Langer

If you're looking for something small to do to help in a spiritual way, might i suggest saying the first paragraph of Tachanun slowly with kavanah. I tried it this morning and found it particularly affecting. Even if you don't feel as described here, others do and you can daven for them.

"Heal me, Hashem, for my bones shudder. My soul is utterly confounded, and You, Hashem, how long? Desist, Hashem, release my soul, save me as befits...Read more...

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