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03/19/2020 01:25:52 PM


Bernard Feller

Even though I am pretty much an "always-Trumper," I sometimes think that he, like the rest of us, is still working on improving his Middos.  Accordingly, perhaps we can see this Coronavirus plague as a "MAGA-foh" which is helping the President play better with others in the sandbox.

Even though I haven't been in the stock market for a number of decades, I still am saddened on behalf of those who are in deep, especially those who are in too deep.  Nonetheless, I do wish that there'd be less of an emphasis in keeping interest rates down, because some of us retired folks have some reliance upon interest earned from our savings accounts.  So perhaps among those people considered to be worthy of a bail-out approach, both stock investors and certificate of deposit (and the like) investors might have their situations taken into account.

Even though my wife and I have the most remarkable support system that any older couple has ever had (namely grandchildren and their parents two blocks away and young-ish Mechutonim three blocks away), I've been so impressed with our neighbors' inquiries to see if we could use help in any way.  So of course there is a funny story to be told.  Two doors down from us there is a wonderful young couple with some adorable kids.  I see the husband at Suburban every so often, but I really haven't seen the wife except at distance during our seven years here.  And so when the wife came to our door a few evenings ago, asking if we needed anything from the store, the truth became clear to her, namely that I didn't recognize her.  I can already see the competence-hearing in my future!  (...and I wonder how any reader of this message would testify...)

Even though I am phobic to needles (other than dental Novocain - go figure...), I am Davening for the development of an appropriate vaccine.  If any reader would like to Daven that the mode of administration might be oral, or at worst might be one of the innovative non-needle (yet through the skin) kinds of options that have been under development for years, I'd be grateful.

Finally, even though we of Ohel Moshe are practicing Davening at a distance, I'm not sure that I've ever felt more connected to this Kehilla than at this moment.  I hope that today I've provided something even remotely being thought of as "inspiration" in return.  Does providing laughter count?

Bernie Fellner

Thu, December 3 2020 17 Kislev 5781