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Membership @Ohel Moshe:

Membership at Ohel Moshe is much more than just a membership at a Shul…

How often does one have the opportunity to build a Shul? Ohel Moshe is focused on developing and continuously improving a warm, family focused Kehillah that is driven by the quest for spiritual growth and development.

Under the leadership of Rabbi Zvi Teichman, Ohel Moshe hit the ground running in July of 2007. In just its first few Tefilos, the Shul is began steadfastly developing in to the uniquely dynamic and vitalizing center for Torah, Tefilah, and Kedusha.

Come and see for yourself…

To become a member, please take the first step by filling out the membership form below to secure your place in the future of Congregation Ohel Moshe!

Feel free to contact us at any time with questions!

Membership Application

Please provide the Head(s) of household name(s). Once your membership is approved, full family details and life-cycle information can be submitted in you member profile when logged in to our Shul database.

Bli Ayin Hara! Responses can be numeric or in "Hoshiah, Es, Amecha, Uvarech...." format.

Please indicate which items you are able to & interested in participate in as a member of the Shul.

Our membership year is Jan 1st to December 31st. Once processed and approved membership dues are billed on a pro-rated basis for the current year. If you are applying during or shortly before the high holiday season, seating privileges may be restricted. Please contact us for details. Monthly auto billing options are available. Membership commitments are annual.

Please tell us a little bit about yourself and your family and feel free to share with us any other information you think we need to know when processing this application.


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