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Yomim Noraim -



UPDATE: As of 9/24, due to a very limited number of remaining seats,  seating requests need to be emailed to We will reply asap to let you know if we still have seats. Please be specific when emailing. 
Limited Seating Available in both sections

Dear Shul Members and Guests,

Please review the information below before making reservations for the upcoming Yomim Noraim. If you have any questions please contact one of the names below. We hope you will join us!

Pricing: Seating prices are the same as last year. We encourage members to take advantage of the member only reservation window detailed below. Seating requests are subject to approval. Requests from members or guests with pledges in arrears and membership dues for the current year less than 75% paid will not be confirmed unless arranged otherwise. If you are experiencing financial difficulties we encourage you to please contact Rabbi Teichman to discuss an arrangement. We are a community and we are committed to supporting and caring for each other, however, at a minimum we are asking that anyone in need of assistance please contact Rabbi Teichman to provide some indication of what may be transpiring so that he can provide the accommodations and assistance need.

Seating: Seating is limited to pre-reserved seats only, the number of seats will be limited to provide ample space for a comfortable Tefilah. Seating is on a first come first serve basis. HOWEVER: We are providing an initial time period now through August 31st during which we will only be accepting reservations from members (Full, Supporting, & Founding). After the members only deadline, 8/31, has passed, remaining seats will be open to members, member affiliates, and non members. In order to accommodate family groupings please reserve seats as soon as possible. We will do our best to accommodate requests, but we can’t guarantee it.

Member Pricing: The following qualify for member pricing: members (Full/Supporting/Founding), their dependent children, and visiting relatives from out of town. Member Affiliates may only book for themselves at the member affiliate rate. If a new member joined the Shul mid-year, unless they recently moved to the area, they may not qualify for member pricing unless they pay the full year’s membership fee. Contact us with questions. 

Guests: Members booking seats for out of town guests can do so at the non-member rate per seat. These reservations will be taken at the same time as the member reservations but will be subject to availability of seats to all requesting members during the members-only reservation period. Local guests must book their own seats as non-members once the member deadline has passed.

Use of Seats: Due to the limited availability of seats, we ask that you inform us if you do not intend to use your seats during any part of Rosh Hashanah or Yom Kippur. For example, if you intend only to Daven with us in the evenings, or will be away for one of the days, please let us know so we can maximize the use of the seats.

Ladies Section: Seating in the ladies section is generally upstairs in the balcony unless we have overflow to the main floor. If needed, arrangements can be made on the ground floor for women who are unable to reach the balcony, please do not hesitate to request this if needed. If you wish to share a seat we ask that you coordinate that with the person you will be sharing with and have one of you book the seat in their name. Only that name will be listed on the seating chart. 

Playroom/Daycare: Available for children ages 3 to 10. Sitters will be hired to supervise the children as they play. Babysitting is available at a per child rate to those who pre-pay with their seating reservation. The program is supervised play in the Social hall and yard. The sitters will engage and play with the children, but, will not be running any organized davening programs, providing meal feedings or diaper changes. Sitters will be available from 10:00am to the end of Mussaf both days of Rosh Hashanah & on Yom Kippur. Babysitting will take place at 2810 Smith. Parents must be davening in the Shul and remain at the Shul at all times while children are in the program. If a child is having behavioral issues or is unhappy being without their parents to the extent that the sitters cannot properly care for all the children, parents may be asked to pickup their child. No refunds will be issued if a child has to leave the program for these reasons. 

Children during Davening: Disclaimer: We love the Ohel Moshe Children. They are our future and we take seriously our role in their growth and development. That said, on Yomim Noraim there is an expectation that the “rules” are a little different than a typical Shabbos so that the proper respect can be given to the Tefilos and fellow mispallelim. Therefore:  We kindly request that children who don’t have a seat and are not registered for babysitting not be brought to Shul on Yomim Noraim to be left unsupervised in the halls and on the Shul grounds. Additionally, children with seats should be instructed not to play in the Shiur room as excessive noise from that room travels to the ladies section. Please do not bring infants and young children with the intention of holding them for Davening. Children are not designed for extended periods of quiet so while we admire the intention to be at the Tefilos it is not likely to work out well and is unfair to others who wish to Daven in a suitable setting for Kavana.


Please return your seating requests to the Shul ASAP. We are looking forward to sharing a very meaningful Yomim Noraim with you & your family. Feel free to contact us with any questions, suggestion, or concerns.

With great hopes and Brachos for a happy, healthy and successful new year,

Rabbi Zvi Teichman

Shmuly Abramson-Seating Coordinator

Azi Rosenblum

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You can also print THIS FORM if you are having trouble. Please note, this could delay processing and seating will be allocated in the order of the processing of reservations.

FORM DISABLED: As of 9/24, due to a very limited number of remaining seats,  seating requests need to be emailed to We will reply asap to let you know if we still have seats. Please be specific when emailing. 
Limited Seating Available in both sections 

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For Questions Please contact:

Shmuly Abramson-Seating Contact

Mon, June 25 2018 12 Tammuz 5778