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What's the HOC?
The Congregation Ohel Moshe Hachnassas Orchim Cooperative.

Ok, What's that?
The HOC helps ensure that any time a new person in the neighborhood shows up in our shul, they feel truly welcome and get a chance to make connections in the community.

Two simple things to make new people feel welcome:
• Introduce ourselves to them.
• Invite them for Shabbos meals.

So you just want me to start being more outgoing?
If you take this as impetus to be more outgoing, that's great, but we also want you to be part of the HOC's system for guaranteeing that every newcomer gets an excellent welcome. Here are the things we want you to do. Pick one, two, or all three.

• HOST: Agree to be a host. We'll contact you from time to time and ask you if you can invite a newcomer for a Shabbos meal.

• WELCOME: When you see a new face in shul, introduce yourself and find out about the person. If the person is new in the neighborhood, welcome them and encourage them to call the HOCLine to get in on the HOC. Then, we'll start arranging for meal invitations.

• TIP: Some new people won't get around to calling the HOCLine. So, we want you to tip us off. When you meet a newcomer, please let us know whatever you've learned, either by emailing or calling the HOCLine.

So, now all Shabbos invitations will be arranged by the HOC?
No! Please, don't let this initiative cramp your usually generous and sociable style! If you want to invite a newcomer to your home, please do. But please also get them in on the HOC, so that we can make sure they get some more invitations.

CAUTION:  Here are some other things you should NOT worry about:

• Do not worry that the person you don't recognize may have been here for years, and you'll just be exposing your own density if you ask if they're new. People are happy to meet other people, and if you haven't met this person before, newcomer or not, now is as good a time as any!

• Do not worry that a hundred other people have already introduced themselves to a newcomer, so they don't want to hear from you. If the newcomer gets to meet everyone, is that such a bad thing? Sure, you may not get the satisfaction of being the first to welcome them, but the introduction is its own reward.

What is this HOCLine you keep talking about?
It's Ohel Moshe's one-stop telephone stop for anyone who wants to get in on the HOC, as a newcomer, as a host, or as a tipster. The phone number is (410)-878-7521, Option 1. You can also send us information by email to

Thanks for getting involved, HOC on!

The H.O.C.
(410)-878-7521, Option 1
Wed, June 19 2024 13 Sivan 5784