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Matching Campaign Ambassador & Pledge Signup

The power of our group efforts can make our expansion dreams come true! Sign up below to set a fundraising goal for yourself, your family or your team on campaign day!

This is the amount you hope to raise in new pre-matched donations.

Example: Our campaign is B'H going triple the first $250k of donations. So..if you chose a campaign goal of $5,000, your campaign page will raise $15,000 by securing $5,000 in new donations during the campaign. Relax, it's just a goal, set your target just a drop beyond your comfort zone and do your best, Hashem will do the rest!

How would you like your "team" to be listed? Examples: "Yosef & Zahava Gold" "The GOLD Team" "Going for GOLD"
Your page can display a short personal message. Please keep it to 2 or 3 sentences. It's a nice touch to personalize your page. Example: "Thanks so much for helping us, this is our Shul, and we hope you will join us next November for Eli's Bar Mitzvah in the bigger and better Ohel Moshe!"

Yes! If you are also signing up as an ambassador, we can count this amount toward your page goal so you start off with 3x this amount already!
YES, please add this gift to my fundraising page.
That gift amount above, let's repeat it monthly! For the number of months I selected. NOTE: All scheduled payments during the first year will count toward your campaign page. So if you paid $100 today, and pledged to make 9 more payments (Total $1,000) your page will reflect a $3,000 increase! 

Fri, August 19 2022 22 Av 5782